Frequently Asked Questions-Page 2

Is it Safe?

The Emotion Code is non-invasive, totally safe and requires very little time and effort on your part.  No dredging up the past is required, which makes it very cost effective compared to other kinds of therapy. Everything discussed or discovered is always confidential.

Is it possible to do this work at a distance such as Telephone and Email?

Yes, the beauty of this work is that it can be done at any distance. With your permission, your practitioner will act as proxy on your behalf connecting energetically with you at a long distance.  Once the connection is made, your practitioner's body sets aside its needs temporarily and any muscle testing and releases occur on behalf of the client.  This theory has been proven scientifically in Quantum Physics. The process is quite exciting, once you experience the effects!

Are sessions more effective in person?

We experience the same profound effect whether in person or acting at a distance, which allows us to work on clients from all over the world.

What is a Heart Wall?

We estimate that 93% of the human population has a literal wall around the heart made of multiple layers of trapped emotional energy. The Heart Wall is created by the subconscious mind in order to protect the heart from grievous injury and its a good thing we have this protective layer when we need it. The problem is the Heart Wall is like living in a bomb shelter. Its nice to have the protection when the bombs are falling, but if you have it forever you will end up feeling disconnected and unfulfilled. Have you ever felt this way? Like you were on the outside looking in? Have you felt blocked from giving and receiving love? Have you had much difficulty recovering from loss? A divorce? Abuse? If so, you likely have a Heart Wall. The good news is that clearing it is easy and can be life changing! Don't wait any longer to get rid of your Heart Wall and open your heart to feeling true love and happiness again. A fun, beautiful life is just around the corner!    For more information:   

What is the Body Code?

The Body Code is a more advanced version of The Emotion Code that finds other underlying imbalances in the body such as energies, circuits and systems, toxins, pathogens, structural misalignments and nutritional deficiencies, balancing the body so that it can heal naturally.