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What Our Clients Have to Say

"My life is sweeter now, so much better and I am more relaxed and peaceful than I ever imagined I could be.  I have suffered for 15 years with such a struggle with sadness, emotional ups and downs.  I have prayed for answers the entire time, little did I know the events that were about to change my life.  This early spring I took a downward spiral, to where I could not contain my overwhelming sadness and anxiety.  The last event was the death/murder of a friend I had tried to help get out of a dangerous marriage.  I plummeted into grief.  I had struggled for so long with rejection, sorrow, broken relationships, heartache and even a lack of will to live, life became too hard and I felt myself shutting down.  I could feel this inside at times.  My friend Audrey had mentioned to me how her life was saved by getting help thru a series of traumatic health issues, she was healed by the help of the Body Code.  As strange as I thought it sounded, I was intrigued..."How does it work?" She was patient and so kind the day I called her, desperate for help.  I was falling apart.  My daughter-in-law drove me to her home and we had a session.  Several different emotions were released and I was completely blown away how GOOD I felt!  I felt lighter, so relaxed, so much freedom!  This was one among several other sessions.  Long story short, the trauma, grief, emotional baggage of 15 years I had suffered, took its toll, I ended up in the oncologist office.  I knew why.  "Grief" made me sick.  Grade 3 uterine cancer, aggressive and not a good outcome "usually".  By the grace of God and thru faith, I have a miracle.  Audrey worked with me thru this time and after surgery.  My oncologist is very surprised at my results, not typical!  I took no traditional treatments, I don't believe in them.  I knew what was happening to me by releasing the toxic emotions.  I was getting rid of what caused the cancer.  I have a hard time sharing my story, it is such a miracle and I always weep.  I am just SO thankful for what the Lord has done for me, for sending my friend to help me get free of toxic emotions, they ARE deadly.  I now feel wonderful, I have a calmness and a peace, this is so unusual for me.  I have always been hyper.  My family, especially my husband has noticed a big change.  I thank GOD for this revelation Dr. Brad received, to help people heal, from the inside out, it is Gods design, I have no doubt!  I encourage people to receive this gift of healing, I know it saved my life-I am so full of gratitude every day!"---Jan

"I have been a practicing dental hygienist for the past 20 years.  Over that time I have experienced fairly consistent neck, back and hand pain.  I have been able to "manage" my pain with massage therapy and chiropractic adjustments, but I could never get the pain to completely go away.  This past summer I talked at length with Audrey about energy blockages in our bodies and the devastating effects this could have on us.  After reading "The Emotion Code" book, I began to understand how certain events in my past were causing energy blockages in my own body, resulting in pain for so many years.  Audrey agreed to do several sessions with me, and the results were life changing.  By releasing the emotions that were trapped inside of me, she not only made my pain go away, but I somehow felt calmer and more at peace with my life than I have been in so many years.  I am so incredibly thankful that Audrey is in my life, and that she took the time to help me understand this process of emotional healing.  I wish I could get every person in my life to open their minds and believe in this the way that I do-it absolutely works and I am proof of it!"---Heidi

  "I often remind myself of the condition I was in less than a year ago and how extremely better I feel today.  Through the Body/Emotion Code therapy Audrey helped me with and her encouraging words, my physical ailments have greatly diminished, most have vanished, I feel free.  Every aspect of my life feels easier and I'm very grateful for her help."---Elaine